Consultants & managers for all aspects of fine art logistics

Our hands-on experience in the transportation of works of art for HARSCH covers both Swiss and international markets. As time goes by, new services have developed. To match our expanding customer needs, we have significantly broadened our offer. In addition to logistics, our core company business, we are now increasingly dealing with all aspects of management, administration and organisation in the world of the fine art shipping.

In order to take up these new challenges, and to create others via new unique services, we are setting up a new department bringing it all together under a new brand name.

D FOR ART, set up in 2018, takes its place as a unique service provider in Switzerland. Offering consultancy and management on all logistics associated with works of art, we offer a wide range of services, from sourcing and appointing transportation specialists to providing storage solutions, drawing up inventories, tax and customs management, etc.

Our mission? Provide a unique, dedicated service tailored to your needs, with a single contact person and guaranteed confidentiality.

D For Art à propos Damien Batt

Damien Batt

D For Art à propos Delphine Anquez

Delphine Anquez

D For Art à propos Raphaëlle Routaboule

Raphaëlle Routaboule

D For Art à propos Marjorie Meynet

Marjorie Meynet

Our partners

Our worldwide network, our strengths, why we are unique

Over the last two decades we have built up a strong network of providers, both national and international, in the field of transportation, insurance, customs formalities and taxation.

We also work closely with various storage providers and other professionals covering the preservation, restoration and evaluation of works of art.

Our role is to provide expert advice and coordination of the various partner services to deliver the most appropriate solution for each customer’s particular needs.